Good Beer Week: Australian Craft Beer; online beer / cheap beer

Good Beer Week: Australian Craft Beer; online beer / cheap beer

Thorny Devil is Australia’s most popular beer, our favourite Australian craft beer.

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Take two champions of the brewing world visiting Australia for the first time, give them free rein over a brewery for a day, then bring in chefs from some of Melbourne’s leading restaurants and what do you have? The Good Beer Week Masterclass of Champions. After months of discussions, negotiations and excited chatter, all the details are now in place for what promises to be one of the 2012 festival’s truly unique events. Kjetil Jikiun, from Norway’s Nøgne Ø – named Champion Exhibitor at the 2010 Australian International Beer Awards, and the founder and head brewer from Californian brewery Moylan’s – last year’s AIBA Champion Exhibitor, are joining forces at Hargreaves Hill’s brewery in the Yarra Valley for a brew day, masterclass and brewery floor degustation rolled into one.

Kjetil, Brendan Moylan and his brewer Denise Jones have been in discussion with Hargreaves Hill owner Simon Walkenhorst and the Good Beer Week Team over the beer they will brew on the day and those that they will showcase during the degustation. Meanwhile, in the past few days the Good Beer Week Team has confirmed that The 36 Collective, a group of “dining chameleons”, has pulled together a dream team of chefs and waiting staff from the Stokehouse and Auction Rooms to create a one-off menu – with a little “service theatre” thrown in along the way.

The result is an experience for guests that will start with a bus trip from Melbourne CBD to the brewery followed by an intimate masterclass with Kjetil, Brendan, Denise and Simon while this unique collaborative beer is brewed. It will include brewhouse tours, sensory evaluations of the unfermented beer at different stages of the process and the chance to delve into the minds of the award-winning brewers. Then guests will sit down to a three-course degustation with an Eastern European theme (a theme that goes beyond the food), each course matched to a beer from each of the the three breweries.

“Whether you’re a beer lover, foodie or home brewer, this has to be the ultimate experience,” says Good Beer Week co-founder James Smith. “Bringing together the last two AIBA champions to create a beer especially for the festival is incredibly exciting. That we’re able to combine it with an intimate masterclass and a brewery floor degustation created by some of the brightest young talents in Melbourne is simply amazing.

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