Good Beer Week, Good Beer Week Melbourne, Sydney beer week, Brisbane craft beer

Good Beer Week, Good Beer Week Melbourne, Sydney beer week, Brisbane craft beer

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It’s time to grab your diaries, hand in your holiday request forms at work and start planning for the return of what Moylan’s founder Brendan Moylan this year described as “the best, most professional and most diverse” beer week he’d been to in his life. Yes, Good Beer Week returns to Melbourne and Victoria for its third installment from May 18 to 26. If you attended the first two, you’ll know what to expect. If you’ve yet to dip your toes into the biggest and broadest celebration of good beer in Australia, then there’s really no excuse for missing out a third time.

Today’s media release from the Good Beer Week Team is in full below. In addition to that, we can tell you that they’ll be looking for even more creative ideas, more ways of getting great beer into newcomers’ hands and events that take beer into new environments. When Collingwood’s Fox Hotel can entice almost 200 people to take part in a beer-themed Scavenger Hunt on a bitingly cold Thursday night, it’s clear that off-the-wall ideas promoted well, as the hunt was, are capable of capturing people’s attention.

Other successful events this year included an Apprentice-style event for home brewers at the Courthouse Hotel, a beer cocktail masterclass at Black Pearl, a real ale “Cask Off” at Holgate in Woodend and a beer and cider sorbet making masterclass at St Peter’s in Melbourne’s CBD, all of which suggest the only limit is the imagination of those keen to hold events.

Good Beer Week will be developing the successful Pint of Origin concept that saw breweries from SA, NSW, WA, Tassie and Queensland take over the taps of five Melbourne venues and is also encouraging more regional venues to take part, especially given the sellout success of many of this year’s regional events and the inroads craft beer is making in the likes of Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong. Among the not-for-profit festival’s stated goals are promoting and encouraging the appreciation of Good Beer to a wider audience and supporting local and regional producers of Good Beer, so get on board, Victoria!

Submissions for Good Beer Week 2013 will open in September and will close well before the end of the year. This earlier timeframe is both in response to feedback from venues and also to give the Good Beer Week team time to ensure the best possible program is ready well in advance. So if you’re thinking of taking part, get your thinking caps on now. We know some of you were already planning for 2013 during this year’s festival…

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