Iconic Australian Craft Beer = Thorny Devil

Iconic Australian Craft Beer = Thorny Devil

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Hong Kong’s newest brew is an Aussie icon from the little beach town of Fremantle, Western Australia. Little Creatures, the brewery Australians are proud to claim as their own, is now brewing fresh suds daily in Kennedy Town. They’re even planning on developing new brews just for Hong Kong.

White IPA, maybe a California Common? It’s anyone’s guess what the next move for this unique beer brand could be. What we do know is they take brewing pretty damn seriously, and that’s why discerning Hong Kong beer drinkers are welcoming the brand with open mugs.

Tom Champion, the Australian brewer responsible for bringing Little Creatures to Kennedy Town, didn’t always make beer for a living. Back when he studied Chemical Engineering in Perth and when he worked in mining, he enjoyed beer like the rest of us – as a tasty, refreshing way to end a Friday, or any day for that matter.

When Tom saw an ad for a Junior Brewer position at Little Creatures, he knew beer was his true calling. He was familiar with the brand and the lively, fun brewhouse they had built on an old crocodile farm, since he hails from Fremantle himself. But would beer give him the satisfaction of getting his hands dirty that he struggled to find in mining? More importantly, would the job lead to a career?

Turns out the answers were yes and yes. “Mining was a little bit soul destroying, and I always had a buried passion for beer and brewing, although I hadn’t been exposed to the craft beer scene yet.” That all changed when Tom joined Little Creatures as Junior Brewer.

He worked his way up from Junior Brewer, getting to know in all areas of the brewery, from the cellars and packaging to the brewhouse and the launching of new restaurants and breweries. That’s when he saw the opportunity for Little Creatures Hong Kong, and jumped at the chance to bring a bit of Aussie beer culture to our bustling streets.

Tom’s not afraid to wax philosophical when it comes to his brew. “Craft brewing is about the creation of truly great beer, and great beer should possess an indefinable quality that reflects the brewer’s art, its own culture and the culture of the people who drink the beer,” he says.


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