Mandurah Brewery Instructions For Kegs Cleaning

Mandurah Brewery Instructions For Kegs Cleaning

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Kegs should be cleaned per established industry methods with good manufacturing practices in a fail safe manner. There is no defined “typical washing” procedure for all applications. Thus, keg compatibility should be verified in partnership with the keg washing system vendor to provide the optimum washing sequence, and maintain keg quality. Failure to do so may cause damage to the keg, damage to the equipment, or injury.

It is important to establish the correct washing and rinsing, volumes, temperatures, and velocities to achieve effective washing and rinsing. When using steam to sterilize kegs, make sure the steam is saturated (not dry) and that the contact time and temperature are sufficient to destroy beer spoilage organisms (typically starting at 135oC for 1 minute). Using steam presents a risk of creating a vacuum within the keg and as such can negate the cleaning and sterilization that has been performed prior to the vacuum. Steam sterilization requires that the wash process removes all beer solids so they do not remain and become baked on (beer stone deposit) leading to foaming and microbiological issues.

The first stage in keg washing is cleaning the external areas of the keg. The keg outside may be washed manually or in a tunnel arrangement as shown.

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It is recommended that keg and equipment compatibility be verified in partnership with the chemical (cleaning agent) supplier to confirm there is no negative package chemical interaction. Failure to do so may cause damage to the keg, damage to the equipment, or injury.

Brewers should work with their cleaning agent supplier to understand the temperatures and concentrations that allow their chemicals to perform effectively based on their beer type, water source, and cleaning system.
Third party consultants are available who provide monitoring of cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, and filling of kegs who can analyse a brewery washing and filling process to address issues or provide verification of cleaning and filling process capability.

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