Marrickville Council to Brew

Marrickville Council to Brew

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Marrickville Council and their constituents


The brewing industry is no stranger to collaboration. It seems every new beer brewed in Australia has been touched by the hands of a guest brewer, baker or candlestick maker. But if you wrote a list of potential collaborators down on a list, a city councillor would probably be somewhere towards the bottom end. What paperwork-obsessed, box-ticking bureaucrat would possibly be interested in good beer? Well, a few as it turns out.

The weekend just gone saw the launch of a commemorative brew between the Marrickville Council and their constituents at Young Henrys. Marrickville councillor and mayor Mark Gardiner  joined the Newtown brewery. They aim to create a special beer ahead of ANZAC Day and the Gallipoli centenary. It’s part of a wider commemoration of the area’s involvement in The Great War. Thus, we will see the unveiling of a new version of the suburb’s Winged Victory statue from which the new beer takes its name.

Outstanding Support

It’s a great example of a small local brewery working with council in a community targeted initiative as they say.

It’s also refreshing to hear given brewer/council relationships can be fraught at times. There are numerous stories of breweries not being able to open or being delayed by years. They’ve been stymied by one part or another of the council approval process. Having been related to the industrial side of the brewing process or an external factor such as resident objection. Young Henrys itself is a good example of that. They originally planned to open in Surry Hills. However, ended moving their business to Newtown where it’s safe to say they haven’t looked back.

Brewers may find elements of the council process frustrating to deal with. They’re hardly likely to be applying the handbrake just for the sake of doing so, though from a council perspective. They, as much as any resident within their catchment, want vibrant businesses and a thriving community. In the long run, any new application has to be approached with a sense of balance and take wider interests into account.


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