Melbourne’s Best New Breweries

Melbourne’s Best New Breweries

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Inherent in the process of making beer are so many opportunities. At Thorny Devil, we get to create new flavours, learn about different techniques, and, most of all, we get to share it with people and spread the word about just how exceptional craft brews can be. We get to explore and connect and learn, uniting those who value meticulously curated brews—and know the difference between marketing fluff and something truly handcrafted—with our simple, homespun blends. The list of best new breweries in Melbourne is based on how exceptional craft brews could be.

Victoria has long been the state with the greatest number of microbreweries which has led the way in terms of craft beer in venues too. Yet recent years have seen other cities and states creating quite the buzz while Victoria, Good Beer Week’s global appeal notwithstanding, has grown steadily without the state’s beer scene necessarily being as eye-catching as, say, Brewsvegas’ explosion, the incredible change in Sydney’s inner west or the awakening of South Australia’s previously sleepy scene.

Microbreweries in the making

A number of established breweries have been embarking on fascinating ventures. Heaps of new brewing companies and breweries have opened while some that were operating as gypsy or contract brewers have built (or are building) their own homes. The number of venues pouring great beer has not only grown fast but, perhaps most promisingly. Many are appearing with greater regularity further and further from craft beer’s traditional heartlands, be that the Public Brewery and new Cellar Door outlet in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs, a spreading of tentacles further west or great regional venues like the Mount Macedon Hotel, the Mill in Echuca or Big Little Baby in Macedon.

With so many breweries – old and new – and so many new beers coming from them, it was quite the task selecting ten of the best. It was a task carried out a little differently to the other states too. Five contributors to the site based in the state put their best ten beers together. The votes were compiled. Some discussion followed by email to agree on the final spots, and the result is the list below.

Best new breweries list

  • Mountain Goat – Barrel Breed Barley Wine (12.9 percent ABV)
  • 7 cent – Glass Case of Emotion (5.0 percent ABV)
  • Hawkers Beer – IPA (6.5 percent ABV)
  • Venom – Golden Ale (4.8 percent ABV)
  • BrewCult – Milk & Two Sugars (7.2 percent ABV)
  • Moon Dog – Ogden Nash’s Pash Rash (8.8 percent ABV)
  • Boatrocker Brewery – Ramjet 2014 (10.4 percent ABV)
  • Bridge Road / 8 Wired – Nieuw Bruin Giaconda (8.3 percent ABV)
  • Dainton Family Brewing – Skeletor’s Stout (6.4 percent ABV)
  • Southern Bay Brewing – Vanilla Oatmeal Stout (6.5 percent ABV)

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