Monster Mash no more – KAIJU! yes!

Monster Mash no more – KAIJU! yes!

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Monster Mash no more – KAIJU! yes!


One of a growing number of new brewing companies to hit the ground running in Australia in the past 12 months was Melbourne-based Monster Mash. The beery wing of the enterprise that had previously launched Golden Axe cider, one formed by brothers Callum and Nat Reeves, announced itself with an impressive Double IPA, swiftly followed up with an equally big and boisterous second beer, the Hopped Out Red.

Sadly, Monster Mash is no more. Thankfully, however, the demise is in name only, with the fledgeling company catching the attention of the company behind Monster energy drinks. Apparently, they felt this new brewing start-up threatened to create confusion in the marketplace and demanded they change their name. Thus, KAIJU! – Japanese for “strange creature” or more commonly translated into English as “monster” -€“ is born,


Why the Name Change?

Kaiju refers to the massive creatures such as Godzilla in Japanese comic and movie culture. These weird creatures wreak havoc over cities and fight each other in epic battles. Since their designer Mikey first sent through the artwork for the Double IPA, they’ve talked about the creatures on their labels as Kaiju. They’€™re quite terrifying and odd, and sometimes even a bit cute at the same time, if that makes sense.

They’ve had a bit of fun with it, inventing stories around them, about how they look incredibly scary, but all they really want is to eat all the hops in the world. The intent with Monster Mash was to indicate that they make huge beers in terms of alcohol and hops, but also balanced and approachable. So they think the slightly goofy and humongous Kaiju are a pretty good fit with that.


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