Online Beer Delivery: Order online and get your beers at 20% OFF

Online Beer Delivery: Order online and get your beers at 20% OFF

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Online Beer Delivery: Craft beer supplier enhances offering for on-trade

Beer Hawk is growing its business supplying the trade with its range of over 800 craft beers from around the world through a new dedicated website.

After experiencing growth in supplying both the on- and off-trade, it is making it easier for businesses such as bars, pubs and restaurants to select and order products. Founded in 2012, it initially focused on supplying consumers.

Beer Hawk Trade’s offering includes no minimum order for individual beers, next working day delivery, a “pick ‘n’ mix” choice, expert range advice and easy-to-use online ordering via the new site at

Russ Clarke, Beer Hawk’s head of trade, said: “Following the growth of Beer Hawk Trade over the last 12 months, we have monitored the website and gathered customer feedback to improve it based on our customers’ needs.

“There is clear distinction between what consumers and trade customers are seeking when it comes to an online beer-ordering experience. Beer Hawk’s new trade website carries all the features our customers have requested, and more, so that we can truly deliver the best-quality beers, in the most accessible formats possible, to support trade customers in whatever type of establishment they operate, wherever they are in the UK.

“Our quick delivery service and no minimum order means that we can respond quickly to local or national events, or even the weather! This is all underpinned by the incredible in-house expertise of Beer Hawk ‘s Beer Gurus and Cicerone-trained support staff, who are on hand, ready to deliver advice about all things craft beer.”

James Downing of North Bar in Leeds, which was one of the pioneering bars of the craft beer movement when it opened 20 years ago, commented: “One of the challenges we face is that some beers have a famously short shelf life and are better fresh. We also have a tight capacity on packaged beers.

“We currently have around 160 different lines, and we test new products out at North Bar too. When we placed an order with Beer Hawk Trade we deliberately went for things that would be harder to shift.

“We ordered six bottles of Tiny Rebel Stay Puft and they sold out immediately. The service allows us to give beers a trial run. The order was placed on a Monday and it came at 9am the next morning.
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