Online Bottle Shop: Discounted beer for the month of August. Buy now!

Online Bottle Shop: Discounted beer for the month of August. Buy now!

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Online Bottle Shop: Beer Hawk launches new website

Beer Hawk has launched a new trade website to make its 800-plus range of global craft beers easily available to trade customers, such as bars, bottle shops, restaurants and coffee shops.

Beer Hawk’s website has no minimum order for individual beers, next working day delivery, Pick ‘n’ Mix choice and expert advice on beer choices.

Russ Clarke, Beer Hawk’s head of trade said: “There is clear distinction between what consumers and trade customers are seeking when it comes to an online beer-ordering experience.

“Beer Hawk’s new trade website carries all the features our customers have requested, and more, so that we can truly deliver the best quality beers, in the most accessible formats possible, to support trade customers in whatever type of establishment they operate, wherever they are in the UK.”

The company offers a wide range of beers as well as home brewing equipment and gift boxes all delivered to the consumers. The company also created the first ever beer club which delivers a selection of beers from different breweries around the word once a month to subscribers.

Clarke added: “Our quick delivery service and no minimum order means that we can respond quickly to local or national events, or even the weather. This is all underpinned by the incredible in-house expertise of Beer Hawk ‘s Beer Gurus and Cicerone-trained support staff, who are on-hand, ready to deliver advice about all things craft beer.

“Setting industry standards to a high level is our goal and we believe that this latest offering for our trade customers has taken a further bold step forwards and will challenge other online retailers to try and do more.

“We invest in training our staff to understand both the products we provide and the customers we serve, and our vision is to take Beer Hawk to new levels of excellence to always deliver the beers, service, value and flexibility trade customers require.”


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