Online Bottle Shop: Order Thorny Devil Online Today for a Big Discount

Online Bottle Shop: Order Thorny Devil Online Today for a Big Discount

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Online Bottle Shop: Ninety-Nine Bottles of Wine

COHOCTON — This local gem is reinventing how we see small businesses.

Ninety-Nine Bottles of Wine is nestled within the historic treasure known as “The Davis House” in the outskirts of Cohocton.

Ninety-Nine Bottles of Wine Owner Meredith Towner said this is a dream come true for her.

“We try to keep it all local,” she said. “We want some wine you can’t find anywhere else.”

Towner changes up the wine tasting menu every week to give people an opportunity to taste the best of the wines she has to offer.

The one-stop-shop for the Finger Lakes wines also offers gifts for children, jewelry, wine products, logo T-shirts and wine glasses.

There is something for everyone at Ninety-Nine Bottles of Wine.

“We just added the gift shop with stuffed animals so that the kids can come in here and play while the parents are shopping for wine,” Towner said. “Most of our gifts are made locally.”

Towner said they have been very busy since they got their liquor license in November.

“We are adding wineries as we go,” she said. “I won’t sell a wine unless I have tasted it myself, and can tell my customers if it is good. It is nice, because I can tell them I have tried every single one.”

The most popular wines so far are Lakewood Vineyard’s Abbey Rose and Hunt Country’s Sweet Gus.

Towner loves the fact that people come from all over to get wine and gifts at her shop. It gives a community feel to the store.

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