Beer week

Beer week

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During last year’s Good Beer Week, The Crafty Pint ran a couple of events during the week aimed at getting people to check out as many craft beer venues as possible – The Crafty Crawl – and showing off as much of the spectrum of beer styles as we could using beers sourced from all over Australia – Crafty Curates. Given the extra attention being garnered by the festival this year, we weren’t sure that bringing back the Crawl, an event which, despite being innocent in intention and outcome, could be misconstrued by the rather un-beer-friendly Victorian Government as encouraging people (dressed as pirates in some cases) to drink more than they would otherwise. And following a couple of mutterings from interstate about last year’s festival favouring Victorian brewers (naming no names, New South Wales!) we wondered what we could do to keep everyone happy.

The result? Good Beer Week 2012’s Pint of Origin series. This sees five top Melbourne craft beer-supporting venues turning over their taps for the week to interstate brewers to turn the city into a weeklong showcase of Australian craft beer. In some cases, this will be the first time brewers have sent their beers interstate, including Cowaramup, a tiny Margaret River brewery run by one of the nicest guys in the industry, whose Pilsner surprised everyone – not least its brewer – by taking home the hotly contested Champion Lager trophy at last year’s Australian International Beer Awards. What’s more, the Cheeky Monkey beers have never appeared outside the brewery before – hardly surprising as it has only secured a license to sell beer this week!

The five venues are the Baden Powell in Collingwood (Queensland), the Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy (NSW), the Courthouse Hotel in North Melbourne (Tasmania), the Great Northern in Carlton North (WA) and the Tramway in North Fitzroy (SA), a recent convert to good beer after it was taken over by new owners last year. All are giving up all or the vast majority of their taps and are looking to invite some of the visiting brewers in at some point in the week. In the case of the Rainbow, they’ve lined up an epic eight course Beergustation on the Tuesday night featuring beers from many of the breweries on the taps, guest brewers and tasty dishes from their kitchen.

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