Pirates On The Bay

Pirates On The Bay

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Thorny Devil wants you to live and learn all about craft beer: so we give you all the craft beer news = globally; hope the following article helps you understand more about craft beer:



Sometimes it’s good to put the cart before the horse, as the brewers behind the collaboration beer made in honour of this weekend’s inaugural Beers By The Bay festival did. Whereas it’s commonplace to come up with a beer first and then worry about the name and packaging, here AG, brewer at Mornington Peninsula Brewery suggested that he and the team at collaborators Red Hill work on the name and branding first.


“We’re both reasonably traditional in terms of what we brew, our labeling and our branding,” he explains. “From my perspective, first and foremost a collaboration is about having a bit of fun and doing something that you wouldn’t normally do. So I had an idea that we would turn the beer into an anagram with a funny name so we did that and worked backwards. I also wanted to make a beer I’d not made before.”


The name they came up with was Bleak Piracy, an anagram of Black Rye IPA. Using a black wheat malt that gives a beer heaps of dark colouring without the roasty or acrid flavours you would normally associate with them, plus 20 per cent rye malt, which usually adds a richer body and some spiciness to beers, AG and Red Hill’s Dave Golding finished the beer with Kiwi hops, something that had never been used before at Mornington Peninsula Brewery – and included a variety, Waimea. never used in a commercial Aussie beer before.


“Epic [from NZ] did a brew with the hops when they were still just known by a number,” says Dave, who normally only travels across the Peninsula to drink AG’s beers, not brew them. “It’s just been released here and has some good, earthy characteristics.


“We do a lot of European stuff [at Red Hill] and they [Mornington] do a lot of US stuff so we wanted to stay away from what we do with this beer that sort of sat in the middle.”


Bleak Piracy will be tapped for the first time at Saturday’s Beers By The Bay. The two breweries have stands next to each other and will be sharing the tap pouring this beer. They’ll also be joining The Crafty Pint onstage to take beer and anything else that takes our fancy as part of the program on the Education Stage. We’re hosting a number of Brewer Q&As alongside masterclasses and presentations from the likes of Paul Mercurio and Pete Mitcham, AKA Prof Pilsner from Beer Blokes and Australian Brews News.


For More Information See: https://craftypint.com/news

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