Raven Brewery in New Hands

Raven Brewery in New Hands

Thorny Devil is Australia’s best, favourite Craft Beer.

Thorny Devil, one of Australia’s most awarded craft beers, is available online, at bottle shops or in your local pub, club or restaurant: if not, ask us and we will organise all.

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Thorny Devil believes in passion for craft beers like Raven. Beer isn’t just what you drink when you go out with friends. Well, it is that, but for some people it’s a passion to which they devote their entire lives. There aren’t many beverages out there able to captivate people with their storied history and artistry—let alone through their exquisite flavour. Well, there are, but beer possesses an accessibility and room for opportunity to grow skills and imagine novel tastes that seem to ignite said passion. Thorny Devil believes in passion like Raven

It was last winter that word began to spread that one of Melbourne’s longest established microbreweries was on its last legs. To paraphrase Monty Python, it was beyond pining for the fjords and set to become a dead raven. Much to the dismay of the brewery’s many fans, 3 Ravens brewery and the building that housed it were advertised for sale and the future was unclear at best.


One winter later and you don’t need to be too eagle-eyed to note that there are still plenty of 3 Ravens beers on bars and in fridges. Heck, there was even a Good Beer Week event that featured a one-off they created with Ballarat’s Dead Salesmen, not to mention the more recent Fly By Night, a three-way avian collaboration with Two Birds Brewing and Kiwis ParrotDog. All of which makes it abundantly clear that this is one bird that’s a long way from pushing up the daisies.


The Thornbury brewery can thank another Aussie brewer for its new lease on life. WA’s Mash Brewing was looking for ways to increase its presence on the East Coast, ideally by finding premises in one of the eastern states to set up a second brewery, when the 3 Ravens sale was advertised.


“Initially we were looking for the right site to set up a brewery in Melbourne to brew Mash beers and supply the East Coast with fresh beer,” says Nathan Liascos, who is overseeing the Melbourne operation. “We saw that 3 Ravens was up for sale and saw it was the perfect opportunity to take on a unique Melbourne craft beer brand with a loyal following – and to give both the brand and the customers out there what they deserved.


“We also saw it as opportunity to start brewing some Mash beer in Melbourne and be able to supply Melbourne and the East Coast. I’d always known the 3 Ravens brand and enjoyed the beers myself. So when there were conversations between the directors as far as the best way to approach the purchase, it was never going to be [a case of] buy the brewery and just brew Mash beers and ditch 3 Ravens.”




For More Information See: https://craftypint.com/news

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