Shark Island Brewing Company Bites Back!

Shark Island Brewing Company Bites Back!

They say that doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results is a mark of insanity. Thorny Devil wasn’t exactly going insane, but we becoming a bit disenchanted with our existing situation —one who couldn’t quench our obsession with finding new craft beers. Instead of setting off on a hero’s quest to capture a golden brew, we took matters into ourown hands, synthesising our skills in chemistry and brewing to produce some unique beers and ciders to ignite the taste buds of discerning drinkers.

Thorny Devil, award winning Australian beer understands people’s desire for unique beers and ciders with irresistible flavours. Our beers and ciders will leave you totally enrapt with its taste and quality.


“A relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark.”

Events of the past 18 months suggested that the Aussie beer world may have its own dead shark too. A pair of mates had embarked on a mission to open Shark Island Brewing Company in Sydney that would have its first beers ready for launch at last year’s Sydney Craft Beer Week. They had found a location, sorted branding, designed beers and paid several thousands towards the gear they needed to set up their own small microbrewery in Kirrawee. And it was the last of these – the gear – that led to a situation in which their plans, like Alvy and Annie’s relationship, was going nowhere.

They were one of the businesses that signed up to buy from the equipment supplier we reported on last month that took tens of thousands of dollars from small businesses across Australia and failed to deliver. Thus the October 2014 launch date was missed and the pair, Dion “Driza” Dickinson and James Peebles (pictured above in grey shirt), who had given up work to focus on the brewery they didn’t have, were pouring money into a rented warehouse that lay empty.


The Silver Lining

The spirit remains high, with the collaboration brew day at Temple described as “cathartic” and helping bring a positive from the situation. We’ll have news on the Eastern Coast IPA when it’s ready for release.

Things are on the up too as for their hosts for the brew day. Since Gerard has come on board, he’s reworked some of the existing beers. He also released a Porter based on a beer that previously won a trophy at the Australian International Beer Awards. They’re looking for a sales rep and have a pilsner coming too.

Blackrock owner, Lance, said that he have been chatting with Driza and James for some time now. They have been big supporters of them and he wanted to return the favour.

All being well, The Shire should be welcoming its second microbrewery by September this year.



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