Sydney Brewery: Nomad

Sydney Brewery: Nomad

Thorny Devil is Australia’s best, favourite Craft Beer.

Thorny Devil, one of Australia’s most awarded craft beers, is available online, at bottle shops or in your local pub, club or restaurant: if not, ask us and we will organise all.

Want Australia’s best Pale Ale?

Need Australia’s most loved Blonde Ale?

Desire Australia’s most popular craft beers, ciders: Thorny Devil is yours = yes?…

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They say that doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results is a mark of insanity. Thorny Devil weren’t exactly going insane but we were becoming a bit disenchanted with his existing situation. We who couldn’t quench our obsession with finding new craft beers. Instead of setting off on a hero’s quest to capture a golden brew, we took matters into our own hands. Synthesizing our skills in chemistry and brewing to produce some unique beers and ciders to ignite the taste buds of discerning drinkers.

Thorny Devil strives to provide irresistible flavours of crafted beer. We truly believe beer is about experimenting, exploring and having fun. Thorny Devil brews beers and ciders that ignite drinker’s taste buds.  Thorny Devil is available at local events and festivals.



Sydney Brewery: Nomad


So much so that ideas are being hatched as to how they can be more involved. Danish gypsy brewer Christian Skovdal Andersen last year formed a collaborative brewing company, Edge Brewing Projects. Together with local brewer/importer Northdown and now another enamoured visitor is taking things a step further. In what must be one of the more striking examples of a visitor falling for the Aussie beer world’s charms in recent times is the news. Leonardo di Vicenzo, founder of Italy’€™s Birra del Borgo, is about to open a brewery in Sydney alongside the team behind Experience It Beverages.

Called Nomad, its an appropriate moniker for a company whose owners all live in Italy but spend much of their time travelling the world. Working with a lot of big name breweries in a variety of ways. But despite this, Nomad will be locally focused, with the decision to set up in Brookvale not as unusual as it might at first seem.


The Partnership

In many ways, that makes Nomad an ideal partnership. Leo holds the requisite brewing knowledge, including how to build a brewery, while Kerrie and Johnny know the local market and have the distribution covered. Between them, they can brew good beer then get it to you in good condition. And it shouldn’t be too long until that starts to happen, with the new brewhouse due to arrive in March.


The brewer tasked with keeping the Nomads on track day to day will be Brooks Caretta. He’€™ll also be arriving in March, but on a permanent basis, and will be bringing with him some enviable brewing credentials, having been the first head brewer at New York’€™s Eataly Birreria and more recently brewing at Birra del Borgo. With the Eately project being a joint venture between Leo, Teo Musso of Italy’€™s Baladin Brewery and Sam Calagione of DogFish Head, it’s not a bad set of tutors from which to garner some hands-on experience. All things going to plan, he’€™ll be putting his skills to the test in Brookvale by April.



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