Syd’s New Brews Pt II

Syd’s New Brews Pt II

Yesterday we looked at a bunch of new beers that will be appearing during Sydney Craft Beer Week, including those from 4 Pines, HopDog BeerWorks, Riverside Brewing and Southern Bay. Today, with just three days to go until the festival gets underway, we find out what others have been brewing…


One of the inevitable pleasures of owning a brewery must be having a lot of friends stopping by for a chat, perhaps asking to borrow a cup of grain or even seeing if they can whip up a few thousand litres of beer. Richard Adamson, founder and head brewer at Young Henry’s, has particularly been busy with the latter in the lead up to Sydney Craft Beer Week, collaborating not once, not twice, but thrice on new brews.

The first, with Darren ‘Doc’ Robinson, of Doctor’s Orders (see their barrels pictured above), has seen the two laugh in the face of the generally accepted beer classification system in order to produce a White Stout. Exactly how that’s been done involves delving into historical meaning of the word ‘Stout’, the evolution of the Stout Porter and a willingness to put an unquestionably unique take on whatever that style is deemed to be.

Named ‘Night Nurse’, the beer looks for all intents and purposes like a traditional summer ale. However, pop your nose in the glass, have a sip and prepare for befuddlement. Brewed with Maris Otter, wheat, oats, barley, new world English hops, Doc’s secret hop concoction and some post-ferment action that was evidently off the scale, Doc reckons it might be a good one to try blindfolded. Richard summed it up as being “a beast to brew (always the case when Doc is in the brewery) and it’s beastly, big and bitter. It’s either the Night Nurse to help you round off the night, or you’ll be needing a nurse afterwards.”

Jayne Lewis of Two Birds was next in line at the brewery, helping to create ‘Otaku’. Otaku is apparently a Japanese term referring to people with obsessive interests and in this case the interest lay in attempting to push umami flavour in the beer. That’s seen them use Wakame and Laver (types of seaweed) in the mash and Houjicha, a locally-grown and roasted green tea, in the hopback. Richard says that’s resulted in “an intriguing and balanced beer that’ll accompany Asian food perfectly”, which is rather handy considering they’ll be serving it up with piles of dumplings on the night of the official launch at the Royal Albert Hotel.

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