Syd’s New Brews Pt I

Syd’s New Brews Pt I

Fancy a pint of something brand new when Sydney Craft Beer Week rolls around? If so, ready your thirst because by our count you should be able to seek out a couple of newbies each day. Many of the new beers have been created within the ‘Beer Mimics Food’ theme which is running through the week, but there are also some re-releases and reinterpretations of existing brews. Either way, those looking for unique hits on their Untappd account should be able to chalk up some solid numbers.


Beginning with the most prolific bringer of new brews, we head to 4 Pines in Manly where they’ve conspired with five collaborators on five crazy concoctions. First up, macaron master Adriano Zumbo set about getting his pastry-based talents into a Belgian-style witbier. What drinkers can expect is a liquid incarnation of his famous ‘Charlotte’ pastry containing coconut and pineapple. 4 Pines Head Brewer Andrew Tweddell says they’ve “nitrogenated the beer and added lactose to highlight the creaminess and make it more like a dessert”.

Next chef up was Darren Robertson of Three Blue Ducks who has lined up a Chocolate Mandarin Seaweed Porter. Andrew says this one’s based on the 4 Pines Porter with added cocoa nibs, cocoa powder and mandarin peel added to the end of the boil – before being conditioned with more mandarin peel. The seaweed element comes from a particular form of French Kelp specifically supplied by the restaurant (which, as a side note, rings in at a not inconsequential $50 a kilo – only the best for these beers!).

The third chef, Rob De Paulo, is one who’s far more familiar with the inner workings of the brewery in his role as 4 Pines’ resident head chef. He’ll be contributing a ‘Sunday Roast’ beer which was mashed in with roasted sweet potato before the addition of fennel seed, rosemary and cumin. Andrew reckons it’s a deceptive brew that has a lager-like appearance but is actually a considerably more complex ale.

Brew four was with Miffy Rigby, editor of the food & drink bible Time Out. It’s a New Orleans Breakfast Beer where cinnamon and an English ale base replicate the classic cinnamon donut. Added to that was chicory, dandelion and cold-infused Colombian coffee from Manly roasters at Belaroma. Far from being bitter, Andrew says it’s developed quite the caramel and toffee nose. The last of the brews was one we featured a couple of weeks ago as the winner of the Beer Mimics Food homebrew competition: the Chili Ruby Adobo Ale (being judged in the photo above). The scaled-up version is as true as possible to the original, though perhaps with a little less ruby colour and a little more smoke from a higher percentage of peated malt. When we spoke to Andrew, it was just out of the fermenter and into the metaphorical fire, conditioning with the steeped jalapenos.




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