The Issue of Missing Kegs

The Issue of Missing Kegs

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Thorny Devil wants you to live and learn all about beer, Australia’s best craft beer: so we give you all the craft beer news = globally; hope the following article helps you understand more about beer and the best craft beer:


“Small batch” is one of those buzzphrases you hear a lot these days. You see it around so frequently. In fact, that its meaning seems to have all but disappeared behind the shadow. On marketing campaigns and large-scale operations that seem to defy “small batch” at its heart. In a time when everything seems mass-marketed and impersonal, Thorny Devil reclaims the notion that craft beers really benefit from being handcrafted. Local, and—who’d have guessed?—small.

Our values are pretty simple, which is just the way we like them. Good beer doesn’t overcomplicate things, and neither do we. Keeping things small allows us to ensure each batch is positively perfect.


The Issue of Missing Kegs

Making it as a craft brewer isn’t easy. There’s huge investment involved (particularly if you decide to open your own brewery). You’re going up against big business with greater economies of scale and vast reach, trying to get your product into venues that often don’t understand it and face a less than friendly tax system. And, while the battle is slowly being won, you’re making beers that nobody in Australia had been drinking for generations – if ever.

So the last thing you need is extra obstacles in your path. Obstacles such as the mass disappearance of your kegs. Yet the issue of missing kegs – some deliberately stolen – is a significant hindrance for local brewers. The owners of the kegs were being identified and notified so their property could be returned while investigations are ongoing to ascertain whether anyone involved in the storage or sale of the kegs has acted illegally.


Hypothesis on the Case

Fellow Victorian brewery owner Grant Dow, from True South, says that 40 percent of their kegs – 100 out of 250 – have gone missing since they opened for business. He believes they go missing for a number of reasons: people take them to convert into cookers or barbecues; others use them for decorative purposes or to convert into seating; other brewers use them within their own operations to dispense beer so they might never re-enter the distribution network.

He believes their disappearance is also one consequence of constant rotation at venues: a pub might order five or six kegs from a brewery then leave it a few months before ordering again by which stage some may have gone missing. What’s more, with many small breweries now using third-party logistics companies for distribution, there can be less vigilance on the part of the person collecting the kegs to ensure that they belong to the brewery that ordered the collection.

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