The Scandinavian Invasion

The Scandinavian Invasion

They’re like buses, these Scandinavian brewers. You wait an age for one to come along and then you get three at once. Mind you, they make much better beer than buses. In fact, at the minute they’re making better beer than pretty much anyone, so it’s with open arms we welcome them to Australia and with open mouths we await the beers they’re going to produce while they’re here.

Yes, that’s right, it’s not just Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, who’s in Melbourne for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, that’s going to be hooking up with Aussie brewers in the coming weeks – now two of his fellow Danes are arriving hot on his heels. First up is Christian Skovdal Andersen, he of Beer Here fame (above), soon to be followed by Norrebro Bryghus-turned-gypsy brewer Anders Kissmeyer. The former has decided to head Down Under for a break from the Scandinavian winter, the latter is one of the international judges invited to Melbourne by the Australian International Beer Awards. They’ll be appearing at various events that we’re adding to the Crafty diary, and will also be leaving a little something behind in the form of beers brewed with Red Duck and Moon Dog.

“I think the Scandinavians are really leading the craft beer scene in Europe, yet apart from Mikkeller and Nøgne Ø there wasn’t much here a year ago,” says Adam Betts, from importer Northdown, the company responsible for bringing Beer Here and Norrebro beers to Australia. “Christian said he wanted some Aussie sunshine and Anders is coming out to judge at the end of March.”

It’s Anders who will be joining Scott Wilson-Browne at his Red Duck brewery, recently relocated to Ballarat, for a couple of brews. Exact details remain a little sketchy, but it will be one of Scott’s first chances to use the second mash tun he recently purchased with the intention of making more strong beers in less time.

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