Thorny Devil craft beer: best beer selection

Thorny Devil craft beer: best beer selection

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Much like modern times have divided baseball fans into two groups — the old-school types vs. the Sabermetric crowd — today’s world has created two very different circles of beer drinkers.

There are the people who always choose the name they know, who are loyal to Budweiser and Coors and maybe the rare Corona. They have no problem plopping down $12 for a Coors Light at a ballgame, but will buy whichever 12-pack is the cheapest on a Saturday night.

Then there are the craft-beer drinkers, the elitists, the people who value smaller, independent breweries and who give credence to the “drink local” mantra whether they’re in their hometown or on vacation. These beer drinkers have no problem trying something they can’t pronounce from a brewery they’ve never heard of. In fact, they’re often proud of that.

So when we say the Seattle Mariners have the best beer selection in MLB according to a recent study by the Washington Post, it doesn’t mean they offer the most of Budweiser’s flavors. It means Safeco Field might rank up there against a beer nerd’s favorite brewpub in terms of diversity. And when we say the New York Yankees ranked 30th in The Post’s study, that means Yankee Stadium has the most generic beer offerings in baseball. If you like America’s most popular beer brands, that’s not necessarily a problem for you.

The Post’s study, coordinated by writer Dan Steinberg, is a fun one. It gathered the beer menus from all 30 MLB stadiums, then used Beer Advocate’s rankings to compare them, also giving weight to beer made within the team’s home state and the uniqueness of that beer within MLB. Because, you know, it’s cooler if no other team serves it.

Thorny Devil, one of Australia’s most awarded craft beers, is available online, at bottle shops or in your local pub, club or restaurant: if not, ask us and we will organise all.


The Mariners scored the No. 1 overall ranking because they have the most unique beers and the most local beers — the Pacific Northwest is a hot-spot for craft beer, so that certainly helps. The M’s ranked fourth in quality, though. That’s why the Cincinnati Reds deserve a shout-out here too. The Reds finished second overall, but first in quality, meaning the Reds serve the best beers in baseball. The rest of the top five: The Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates and Baltimore Orioles.

The Post’s study is accompanied by a fun, customizable infographic that you can use to sort out the rankings. But even more fun: you can compare the beer selection at any two stadiums, and see where teams rank across the four categories assessed. Go play with it. Seriously.