Thorny Devil Craft Beer: Five Brewing Tips

Thorny Devil Craft Beer: Five Brewing Tips

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Five Brewing Tips: better beer than the pros

Buy the right equipment

It’s easy and cheap to make beer with just-add-water kits but this isn’t proper brewing and chances are you won’t be proud of the final results. Instead, invest in an all-grain kit, which is essentially an exact replica of a micro-brewery (but so small it will fit under the kitchen sink). All-grain kits can be bought from £250 and can last a lifetime.

Keep it simple

Beginner homebrewers tend to be an overly ambitious lot and will often start developing their own recipes very early on. Trying mastering tried and tested styles first. That way you’ll master the basics of brewing and learn what ingredients go into making a great tasting beer. Then you can start to experiment.

Use fresh ingredients

A beer is only ever as good as the quality of its ingredients. If you buy fresh hops, keep them in the fridge and use them up quickly. If you want to get the most out of your malt invest in a mill and grind it yourself. And if you really want to make a beer to rival your favourite brewery then use wet yeast – instead of the dried variety you buy in packets.

Sanitise, sanitise, sanitise

Ninety per cent of brewing is cleaning. If you don’t keep your equipment clean then it’s likely your beer will be ruined by infection. Avoid bleach-based sanitisers, which can leave a nasty taste in your beer, and instead opt for a no-rinse brand like StarSan. Anything that comes into contact with your beer during fermentation must be sanitised.

Share and share alike

The best bit about making your own beer is sharing it with others. But don’t just give it to your friends and family because they’ll just tell you it tastes delicious – even if it doesn’t. Take it down to your local homebrew club and be prepared to take some constructive criticism.

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