Thorny Devil Craft Beer Pozible campaign:

Thorny Devil Craft Beer Pozible campaign:
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Here at Thorny Devil we have created a locally sourced, highly awarded Australian craft beer. We are a small craft beer company based south of Perth and we have developed a solid following of good people and we have now won many National Craft Beer Awards.

Our main beer brewing tank has “warped” so we had to order a new one. We have been able to cover the first $25,000 on the deposit of this tank and after all but receiving a loan from the bank they pulled the pin and left us 25 grand short of fulfilling the remaining 50% of the cost on the tank.

To brew the beer and to produce the bottles, we now need to fund the remaining deposit and pay for the production line to be “commissioned” by the manufacturers. With this in mind we have established this crowdfunding campaign, basically we need the funds to brew the beer.

We’ve been making some noise, and the press has been listening.

Mandurah Coastal Times

Perth Now

The Sip

The Mandurah Focus


After winning Gold in 2015

We followed up with another strong year in the Craft Beer awards

Australian International Beer Awards 2016 – Bronze medals for Blonde, Wheat, and Vienna.

Australian Craft Beer Awards 2016 – Silver medal for Blonde and Bronze medal for Pale.

Perth Royal Beer Show 2016 – Silver medals for Blonde, Dark, and Vienna.

How The Funds Will Be Used

Funds will pay the remaining 50% beer tank deposit and for the final installation and commissioning of the beer bottling production line. The truth is that we have invested too much time and money into this business to see it go down like this, we don’t think it is right to ask you for money so we have done our best to give everyone value for money rewards that mean that you get a great deal while we get enough funds to keep producing Beer and Cider.

If we get to our stretch of $75,000, then we will integrate all pledgers into our comic, which tells the classic story of how the Australian thorny devil became the globally famous “horny” devil.

When we reach our stretch target we will also provide all who pledged over $75 with a life membership. Our life members can enjoy 15% off all beers. Forever.

The Challenges

Truth is that we will need more than the $25k, but it is wrong to ask for too much. We have to fly in the manufacturers who will professionally install and commission the equipment, otherwise we are not insured. So please pledge. If we get through enough pre-sale beer we will be able to tick your box.

We have given you a three year price guarantee to ensure you are rewarded for your short-term enthusiasm. We hope this incentive delivers the required number of orders to ensure our production line is signed off.

Just to give you a little more about the comic, like in our crowdfunding video, you will see, or should I say, read about the creation of the first Thorny Devil. Like water to wine, the original, famous Australian thorny devil is transformed by consuming our pure Cape Bouvard water.

Final Offer

Please note we want to give away some free beer = every day; more on

Everyday we wish to reward “givers”.

Life is all about giving?; we want to reward you = our community…

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