At tri-nation British brew wins ‘Friendly’ Competition

At tri-nation British brew wins ‘Friendly’  Competition

At tri-nation British brew wins ‘Friendly’  Competition

British beer came out on top during a friendly international competition that saw the UK’s suds take on brews from New Zealand and Australia.

An informal poll held at the 2nd Annual Tri-Nations Beer Challenge brought together Brits, Aussies, and Kiwis at Auckland’s Pocket Bar and Kitchen this week to vote for their favourite in a 16-strong blind tasting.

Organised by The British High Commission in New Zealand, together with the Australian High Commission and the NZ Brewers Association, the category this year was craft low-alcohol (or so-called “session”) beers.

The UK won the mystery beer challenge for the second year running with ‘I love you, will you marry me?’, a strawberry flavoured low ABV brew from the Thornbridge Brewery who also won the challenge last year with their ‘Cocoa Wonderland’ Chocolate Porter .

“Blind judging was undertaken by all the guests present, who had a marble each to place in the jar of their choosing,” explained Daniel Mackisack, an organiser and representative from the British High Commission.

“At the end of the evening the mystery beer with the most marbles in its jar wins… all fairly informal and not by any stretch of the imagination a professional assessment of the beer.

“Although there were a number of professionals from the three countries there, everyone was in good humour and just enjoying the beer.”

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