Beer, Beer Festivals, Beer Awards: great craft beer

Beer, Beer Festivals, Beer Awards: great craft beer

Thorny Devil is Australia’s most popular beer, our favourite Australian craft beer.

Thorny Devil Craft Beer is available online, or you can purchase our Pale Ale or Blonde Ale at your local bottle shop and in your local craft beer bar, your pub, hotel, club or any fine dining restaurant: if not, ask us = and we will organise all: 1800 995 007.

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Friends, beer lovers, countrymen (and women) – lend us your beers! We’re looking for Australia’s first ever People’s Pint.

“What’s that?” you ask.

Well… Umm… We don’t actually yet know. In fact, we want you to tell us. From today, we’re inviting you, the good people of Australia, to tell us what your dream beer would be. The best ideas will be put to a public vote next month, with the winning one being brewed at Temple Brewery & Brasserie at the end of March ready to be launched during Good Beer Week.

That’s right – a beer dreamed up by you, called whatever you want to call it, could become The People’s Pint, brewed by one of the country’s top brewers and enjoyed by drinkers at some of the best beer bars in the land.

Like the sound of that? Then head to The People’s Pint site and send us your fantasy beer ideas now! Or read on to find out a little more…

The idea is simple. You don’t have to be a brewer, you don’t have to know how beer is made. We’re just looking for creative, inspired concepts. You might be after a beer that brings back special memories, or one that captures a feeling. You might have a flavour and aroma combo that will knock people for six – a big, hoppy beast or a delicate flower made with native ingredients. Maybe you dream of a stonking great Imperial Stout that’s a meal in a glass – or maybe the people will choose a plain old pale lager if you can make it sound appealing enough.

Perhaps there’s a magical ingredient out there that you’re desperate to see included in a beer. Perhaps you’ve never quite found what you’re looking for behind a bar and now’s the chance to tell us what that is. Or maybe you’ve got an hilarious name for a beer and are dying to share it with the world.

Whatever it is you have in mind, Temple is the perfect fit – led by a brewer who has never been afraid to approach beer a bit differently. When asked to brew a beer for the Shinobi Japanese Beer Festival, instead of the obvious choice of producing a Japanese style beer, the focus instead turned to ingredients. Head brewer Ron Feruglio had an idea to use buckwheat, more commonly found in Japanese soba noodles, and the result is now a core Temple beer – the aptly named Soba Ale.

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