World’s Best Beer Trip: Craft Beer News

World’s Best Beer Trip: Craft Beer News

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World’s Best Beer Trip Now Down to Six

World’s Best Beer Trip

The competition for the World’s Best Beer Trip has been whittled down to a final six. Markedly, after four weeks and hundreds of entries from all over the world. With this in mind, now it’s up to you to decide. Which of the six finalists will be jetted off around the world to work, rest and play with the six host breweries.

For those of you who missed it first time around, 4 Pines, Feral, Meantime (London), The Brew (Shanghai), Good George (Hamilton) and Victory (Pennsylvania) combined forces to offer one lucky beer lover the chance to be flown around the world. To spent three or four days with each. First thing to remember, to enter, you had to submit a photo to Instagram and explain why you should win.


The list so far

Each of the six brewers has picked their favourite photo from those tagged with their brewery name. Now it’s over to you. Five of the final six have been chosen. The shortlist includes serial winner Lachlan Toose. Who won the Ultimate Good Beer Week competition earlier in the year with a short film and made another for his entry here.

  • Lachlan Toose – 4 Pines
  • Cam Stevens -€“ Feral Brewing
  • Nikki Carmichael – Good George
  • Paul Cutter -€“ Meantime Brewing
  • Jordan Flinchum -€“ Victory

The truly epic competition was dreamt up by the team at 4 Pines. Thus, we asked them how things had panned out so far.

Why should they win? They think any one the finalists would deserve it. Clearly they all love craft beer. Of course they think they should win though. Indeed, they should win though so they can represent Aussie craft beer geekery to the world. Additionally, 4Pines want to get their hands dirty in the breweries during the day and party it up in the evening. Furthermore, they’re curious to see the well established scene of the US compared to the “€œstart up”€ craft scene of China. They’ve also never been further west in Australia than Lorne, so getting to go to Feral would be a real treat.


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